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Arctic Bilberry powder 80g [6430063910093]

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Arctic Blueberry is Bilberry powder (Vaccinium Myrtillus)

Plenty of vitamins, nutrition’s and fiber. No added sugar. No preservatives. Gluten free.

Perfect match with your daily varied and balanced diet for you who want to use pure products of pristine nature and appreciate healthy lifestyle.

Our bilberry powder is made of wild forest bilberries from Finland. Bilberry powder is good with smoothies, muesli, yogurt or blends. Powder includes all parts of bilberry: skin, seeds, and plenty of vitamins.

Bilberry is well known due to it's high Potassium and E vitamin content. Bilberry also has high amount of Anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are flavonoids that are kept as beneficial for your health.

Every arctic bilberry is hand-picked from the wild forest, a big part of our Finnish berries are coming from Arctic areas of Lapland.

Vitamins and trace elements / 100g

C-Vitamin 5 mg

E-Vitamin 14,4 mg (120%) *

Potassium 590 mg (30 %) *

*  of recommended daily intake

Anthocyanins 1500±500 mg

The bilberry is common in all parts of Finland. It is a typical coniferous forest plant whose sprigs can keep growing for up to 30 years. It thrives in herb-rich, mesic and sub-xeric heath forests of southern Finland. In northern Finland, the bilberry is found in slightly drier and more barren heath forests. It prefers shady areas out of direct sunlight. The best places to look for bilberries are northern slopes, edges of logging areas and the banks of forest ponds.

Harvest season:
The best time to pick bilberries is from the end of July until the beginning of September. The crop is at its most abundant for about two weeks after the berries have turned dark blue. Night-time frost during the early flowering stages of the plant weakens the crop. The amount of pollination that the flowers receive greatly affects the size of the crop. As insects do not fly in the cool temperatures of early summer, pollination does not occur during this time. In order for hibernating bilberry shrubs to avoid cold damage and produce berries in season, they require a protective a blanket of snow during winter.

Bilberries can be used as a raw ingredient in berry soups, baking, milkshakes, porridge and juices. Bilberries can be preserved by freezing, drying or crushing or by cooking them to make juice or jam. Bilberries are used in the food industry to produce juice, jam, juice concentrate, dried berries, and berry powders as well as grain and dairy products.

Production method: Wild
Origin: Finland
Weight: 0.09kg