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Retailers and business customers

If you are a new customer and you want to retailer - or if you want to buy products such as berries or herbs for your company, proceed as follows:

Register into the online store with your company information, we require a valid business ID.
Please note that the Business ID and company name are mandatory to register the company as a customer. Validity of Business ID will be check in EU. Customers outside EU are asked to send company details by e-mail.

After logging in, you will first get automatic confirmation regarding registration by e-mail. Later, if everything is ok, you will get a separate e-mail which confirm that you have been approved as business customer. After getting confirmed you can start to make purchases based on our wholesales price list.  

Customer approval and a confirmation message will arrive typically in 1-2 working days. If you want to speed up the process of customer relationship, please send registration email to info@nordicgusto.fi

When logged into our system you can select your purchases in time, we have recording shopping chart in use that allows you to finalize purchases over the time.
Payment methods for business customers is a bank transfer and checkout payment services. The order is always delivered against pre-payment. When customer relationship is stabilized, please contact us to agree on a possible billing practices.

Products with graphical label (berries and berry powders, nettle, bee pollen and chaga) are suitable for consumer sales, other products with photo are mainly for bulk and webstore. 


Inquiries over 2500 Eur and other questions to info@nordicgusto.fi