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Arctic Chaga powder 50g

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Chaga (Inonotus obliquus)

Arctic Finnish Chaga

Chaga mushroom has been used for hundreds of years especially in Russia and Eastern-Europe and Asia.  Chaga is collected from Finnish Lapland, and it is all wild and handcrafted. Arctic Chaga grows on birch trees.


Limitations: It is not recommended to use chaga if you have a circulatory disorder, hepatopathy, or kidney problems. Do not use Chaga when having antibiotics, penicillin, or use intravenous glucose.

The collection of Arctic Chaga is not part of everyone's rights but requires the permission of the landowner. Arctic Chaga is not an ordinary dwarf, as its mode of growth differs from other dwarfs, and it is not the heard of the Arctic Chaga that is collected, but the growth that it causes. It cannot usually be collected without damaging the tree, unlike other dwarfs, but the tree will produce a new one after 3-4 years

Production method: Wild
Origin: Finland
Weight: 0.05kg

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