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Flakesalt [6430063910147]

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Fingersalt - Flakesalt - Gourmet salt

Salt flakes are kept as the most fine part of sea salt. Essential part of perfect dinner is small cup having flake salt in it.

Salt flakes are crystallizing from sea water when gently evaporates away. Crystallizing is unique nature's own process and it is not possible to manufacture flakes by using major industrial production methods. Flakes are collected by artisan methods hand harvesting.

Taste of flakes is different compared to traditional salt due to differencies in mineral content. Flake salt is at it's best when adding at table.

Flake salt is also called as finger salt, gourmet salt, flower of the salt and finishing salt.

Weight 140g

Production method: DEBIO
Origin: Norway
Weight: 0.18kg