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Nordic Chaga 100g [6430063910017]

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Nordic Chaga powder (Inonotus obliquus)

Nordic Gusto’s chaga is collected from pristine nature of Finnish Lapland, above the Arctic Circle. We collect only wild chaga - all hand harvested by using manual tools. Collection area is very remote out of mobile phone network and population.

At Finnish Lapland chaga mushroom is growing slowly, winter is hard and temperature can go below -40 Celcius degrees, at midsummer weather is opposite and chaga enjoy never ending sunshine when sun does not go down at all.

At modern age chaga is known of it's antocianins and beta-glucans.

Chaga tea is easy to make. Boil up chaga powder for at least 15 minutes on low heat. After that screen out powder and tea is ready to use. You can add some honey if you like it bit more sweet.

Our chaga powder is packaged in 100g re-sealable packages, it is easy to use and amount is enough to get several cups of tea.


Production method: Wild
Origin: Finland
Weight: 0.11kg